Question by billwarner32: i’m getting ready to take missouri real estate exam any advise or pointers?
i just completed the 60 hour course and now i’m getting ready to sign up to take the test at the real estate exam center i need all the help i can get i only made a 56% on my final exam on the 60 hour course. any ideas?

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Answer by zach
Dear Billwarner,
Your pertinent question and urgent curiosity has unfortunately, been buried under more legitimate concerns. If you don’t get an answer within 24 hours, it is best to delete your query and ask again.
Billwarner, I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal opinion. You have been foolish, Billwarner. Very, very foolish. Anyone can see that the purpose of Yahoo! Answers is to serve as a modern chatroom. More and more, Java programming is becoming less and less supported, there is no other method of bringing people together in a social environment than to create PHP scripts where the “thinking” can be done on the server rather than on your machine. With that in mind, Billwarner, you should interrogate the shallow-minded participants of Yahoo! Answers with matters that appeal to their common denominator. Questions such as, “How long is the normal tally whacker?” or, “My boyfriend says I should dump my hubby, what you think?”…, would get you a substantial number of replies.

Give up your pursuit of truth and petty wonders, Billwarner. Quit asking bland, colorless questions. Are you naive? No person who is capable of giving you the answer you hoped for can last while reading though a heap of puddings, pies and pastry. I’m only doing you a favor, Billwarner, by giving you a proper admonishment you can now begin to formulate an apology. When you are ready, send your atonement to

And Billwarner, if you insist upon asking serious questions, remember that a few good jolts from a peace officer’s tazor should bring you around to your senses. Please, check your spelling and throw some slang into the mix so you don’t offend any of the egos lurking, waiting to pounce on you with crass, thoughtless one-liners.

Thank you Billwarner, and have a great day! -Zack

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