If you have been around internet marketing and real estate for any extent of time, you have most likely heard of Robert Allen and Multiple Streams of Income. Of course, if you are like most people, this is not the first person you have heard of with a guaranteed way for you to add to your net worth, and you are probably wondering what if anything makes him different.

Robert Allen made a giant splash a few years back when he issued a challenge on his nothing down real estate advice. Many individuals had a hard time believing that anyone could truly purchase quality real estate for no money down, and then turn around and make a profit. The challenge was simple, Robert Allen would be dropped off in any city in America, with nothing more than one hundred dollars in his wallet.So armed with his one hundred dollars and nothing more he accepted a 72-hour challenge to confirm his methods worked. While a reporter from the Los Angeles Times looked on he not only achieved what seemed unachievable but he did it in less than 60 hours! Robert Allen purchased 2,000 worth of property using any of his own money!

You would think this would have been enough documented proof that he was the real deal, however not long after he completed this challenge a talk show host commented that he doubted if any of Robert’s typical users could achieve the same success. Before he thought, Allen said he would go to any unemployment line in America and choose someone at random to mentor and teach his methods to.One year later Robert made good on his pledge and chose a young couple from the unemployment line in St Louis, Missouri. After two short days of teaching them the program and the benefits of investing in real estate, he left them to make it or not on their own. Within 90 days, these beginners in real estate investing had purchased their first piece of property and resold it for a 00 profit! By the end of the year, this average couple had earned 0,000!

Most normal people would be satisfied with success in the real estate market, but Allen knew that true security would come from multiple streams of income. True to form, Robert challenged himself in front of a live audience and swore he could sit in front of any computer and make ,000 in 24 hours! In his own words “I failed miserably”, you see he did not made ,000 in that short amount of time; instead, he made a whopping ,532! This is truly an amazing feat by anyone’s standards.

You will see many “gurus” on the internet today promising to help make you rich in a short amount of time, there is one giant difference between all of these people and Robert G. Allen. He has truly done what he promises, live in front of many witnesses and with time clocks running. If you are looking for a way to make a lasting income Robert G. Allen’s multiple streams of income is a proven strategy that you can believe in! Time after time, Robert Allen has proven to us that his strategies work.

That means one thing: That Robert can take average people and show them exactly what to do to create multiple streams of "major" income – and then they do it! Visit to learn how you can get his full Mulitple Streams of Income course for a fraction of its normal price. Please don't wait for this is a limited time offer!

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