Question by ☮ ☼ ♥: moving to san antonio this summer?
currently i am living in south korea
& my dad is going to get us to move to texas

so i would like some help for that!
i would like to know good high schools, near bases. i think we’re going to live in neighborhoods near 6 flags & the lacantera mall where i’m going to be working at hollister

do you know any good real estates my parents can look at for nice, big houses in good neighborhoods near good highschools near bases?
what are most of the prices of housings? i think my parents want to spend up to $ 150,000ish on a house since their only going to be there for a couple years.
how much is billing? – electricity, water
whats the paying wage? & how much is tax
what are good & fun things to do & places to go?
how are the people like?
i would like to know everything about san antonio!
i have only lived in the states for about 4 years of my life, in kansas & alaska, but i visit every summer

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Answer by US_DR_JD
In the area of which you speak, the school district is the Northside Independent School District (one of the 2 best performing school districts in the city). Dependent on your interest you could attend one of the general public high schools or a specialty highschool.

The highest rated school in the city academically is Health Careers High School. However, if you would rather have a more general education, such as general college prep, then I would consider living in an area near Clark HS. In the area, which as traditionally been covered by Clark HS is opening a brand new HS for August 2008 called Brandies, which will be state of the art. There are many neighborhoods in these areas with houses in the $ 130,000 to $ 175,000 range so your parents should be able to find something suitable.

That is a very nice area of the city, and I had a house in that area a few years ago. There is a lot of shopping and restaurants, and there is easy access on to the major freeways.

Unfortunately, you said you wanted to be near the military bases. The area where you described is the north towards northwest part of the city. Lackland AFB is in the West/Southwest part of the city, but I have known many people who have lived in the area described and commuted to the Lackland/Wilford Hall area. Randolph AFB is northeast of the city next to Universal City, and Fort Sam Houston is near Downtown in the northeast edge of the central part of the city.

Property taxes are pretty high, and will be about $ 3500 a year on a $ 150,000 house but will not be significantly noticed as a part of daily life as it will be rolled into the lease or mortgage payment. Water for my family of 4 in a 3,000 sq foot home cost about $ 80 per month. Electricity is variable based on family, but we normally see bills around $ 250 per month (my teens leave lights and tvs/stereos on 24 hours a day). Wages are low to moderate for most occupations, as the cost of living for the city is also low to average.

The city is very diverse, with people of all cultures. Though significantly, the city is over 50 percent hispanic, which provides a mexican flair to many of the activities of the area. Due to having had 5 military bases here and a significant tourism industry, there has been a lot of people of all cultures move into the area and stay. The original settlers of the city were a mix of Mexican, Spanish, German and Czech settlers with the mix of cultures brought in with the colonization of Texas by Stephen Austin and his father. The city has a celebratory feel most of the year as there are festivals and events throughout the city and the small towns and surrounding area. The coast is 3 hours away, Mexico is 41/2 to 5 hours away and the city sits on the edge of the Hill Country area of Texas which provides lakes rivers and woodlands for senic activities. Of all the large cities in the state, San Antonio has the best mix of all the geographic regions.

For entertainment there are a lot of venues. Some of the key points of interest are:
The Alamo
The Mission Trail (The 4 Missions other than the Mission San Antonio de Valero [known as the Alamo] built by Spanish missionaries.)
The Spanish Governor’s Palace
The King William Historic DIstric
La Villita (the original settlement of houses of the Canary Island Immigrants) now an area of Art Galleries and Shops.
The Paseo del Rio (the Riverwalk) this is one of the major attractions to the city and a can’t miss area for visitors.
El Mercado (the Farmer’s Market or Market Square) this is an area of shops with curios, gifts etc. While there you must consider dropping in Mi Tierra a favorite San Antonio restaurant (especially for late-nite)
The Military Bases – San Antonio is known as military city USA, until recently there were 5 military bases within the city, now 2 have closed, but these are key areas in America’s defense. They also have museums and exhibits available.
Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Park
Witte Museum
The McNay Museum
San Antonio Museum of Art

Amusement Parks:
Sea World
Six Flags – Fiesta Texas
Schlitterbahn Water Park

Don’t forget world class Shopping at:
The Shops at La Canterra
The Quarry Market
Northstar Mall
Rivercenter Mall
and around the city.

For more ideas about what to do in SA and events . See

The NBA Champion Spurs, the San Antonio Silver Spurs, the WNBA team and the San Antonio Missions a minor league baseball team (Seattle Mariners Farm Team) have won the Texas league Championship for the past 2 years in a row.

Welcome to San Antonio. Most people assigned here consider San Antonio one of their best assignments, a large number choosing to return when they retire. I think you will like it!

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