Everybody understands that every city’s housing market is unique. In the Kansas City area, there are hundreds of people trying to sell property in a market that is currently flooded with new residential construction. You can’t expect to simply put a sign in the yard that says “For Sale” and wait for the phone to ring anymore, especially if you need to sell quickly. With all the choices buyers have, you have to do all you can to make your house look like the best deal. Here are three often overlooked things to consider when you need to sell quickly:

1. Curb Appeal
Curb Appeal, or how your house looks from the road, is very important. If you aren’t careful, buyers can make up their mind, subconsciously, NOT to buy even before walking through the front door. This sounds so obvious, but you would be surprised at how many times I’ve driven up to a house in a nice Olathe or Gardner subdivision and thought how they could have at least gotten rid of that huge dead limb laying in the front yard. This is even more important in the nicer areas of town like Olathe where neglect of curb appeal will stand out even more. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on professional landscaping. Simple things like keeping your grass mowed, picking up the dead tree limbs, touching up the paint on that railing and fixing that twisted downspout can make a huge difference. If buyers are turned off when they pull into the drive, it could well be that nothing in the inside will win them over.

2. Know Your School Districts
If you are considering selling your house yourself, without a Realtor, make sure your potential buyers know what schools are around your neighborhood. Many potential homebuyers are looking to live in specific school districts (Fort Osage or Grain Valley for example) and may not know if your house is included in the district they prefer.

3. Possibility of Creative Financing
In today’s credit crunch, many people with great credit ratings find that they are unable to get a good home loan through a bank. You might consider offering your potential buyers some form of down payment assistance or owner financing. In this way, you are increasing the number of people who actually CAN potentially buy your home. Legal papers for these types of transactions can be set up by real estate attorneys in your area for a fee. This strategy is especially effective in areas like Overland Park and Olathe where there are large numbers of new home construction that are being offered using only conventional financing.

There are many other additional tips and techniques available that can help you sell quickly. Taking advantage of them will help put you above the other sellers in Kansas City who do little more than list their house for sale in the newspaper.

Michael Friedl

Michael Friedl was a graduate of the University of Iowa and has worked in the Kansas City area for the past 8 years, 6 with Liberty Homebuyers. He specializes in residential property in the KCMO, Blue Springs, Liberty and Grain Valley areas.

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