Question by H3NN!NG: Attn Apartment Property Managers…Quick Question….?
What kind of raise should I expect?
Wichita, Kansas
I was hired One year ago at $ 10.00
I am the Assistant Manager at my complex.
Just Last May I graduated with a degree in Business Management Real Estate.
I was thinking $ 1.00????
We operate around 98% occupancy and have great retention;)

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Answer by bayertx
You need to get oyt of that place asap. You have a degree in Business. You need to come to Houston TX you will make aroung $ 16.00 an hour.

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kansas real estate
by wallyg

Question by John: KANSAS – Starting an apartment locating business.?
I am looking to start an apartment locator business in the state of kansas and missouri. I was wondering, in order to show apartment properties and single/multiple family properties, wold I need to have any kind of real estate licensing?

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Answer by Max
Yes, you would need to be licensed by the state. Contact Realtor s Association of Kansas.

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