Question by froggy_deedoll: Need a MISSOURI Attorney concerning real estate, Please read!?
Small Town, County Seat in Missouri
I was divorced in 2000. My divorce papers read:
The parties have agreed that the real property shall become the property of the husband subject to the indebtness theron, with the following exception. Should the property be sold by the husband, then wife shall be entitled to one half the equity. Otherwise, husband shall have in place estate planning which will cause (my sons name) to become owner of the property upon his death.

Nowhere in papers does it say I will quit claim, and I remained on deed, mortgage and insurance until about 3 years ago, when he managed to get this refinanced by recording these divorce papers.
He first had tried to refinance using my name as well, and I got wind of it, and stopped it. But he found another company and achieved it.
I have seen a couple attorneys, who after reading my divorce papers, said I should sue the attorney who wrote them.
I have learned recently that he has set up something that causes his new wife to inherit the property/house. Is he not in contempt of court doing this?
The kicker to all this, is that the attorney who wrote this was “our” attorney. I was told when these papers were done, it would tie him up so that he couldn’t do anything without me. The attorney is also the prosecuting attorney.
This property is worth probably $ 200K. I didn’t receive one dime from it when we divorced as I thought that at some point I would get my half.
If anyone knows an attorney that would sue another attorney, or tell me how I can put a property lien on it, or get him for contempt, I would gladly appreciate it.
I would let an attorney have 50% of a settlement. I have learned it doesn’t pay to be fair, and try to do the right thing.

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Answer by DCK2003
It is simple you need to contact the Missouri Bar Association and ask for a referral based on your case. The good news is they will find someone to represent you the bad news they may not be close to where you live. Therefore your attorney fees may be higher because of travel expenses and long distance calls. You should be able to find someone to help you resolve the situation. Just be prepared to pay.

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